קפה מקסיקו - פינקה אירלנדה ~ פולי קפה שלמים

קפה משובח - אורגני - סחר הוגן

טעמים דומיננטיים:  דבש, שוקולד, תפוז מנדרינה

250 גרם

The Finca Irlanda, situated in the region of Chiapas, Soconusco, southern Mexico, is the idyllic extension of a large nature reserve. A pioneer of organic, biodynamic farming techniques, this farm respects the natural relationships between flora, fauna and intrinsic environmental dynamics.

The coffee trees are fully integrated into the ecosystem; it is as if the coffee trees were born “wild”, but nurtured to their full potential. The result is a coffee of the highest quality in complete harmony with its natural environment.


קפה מקסיקו ~ פולי קפה שלמים

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