קפה אתיופיה ~ פולי קפה שלמים

קפה משובח - אורגני - סחר הוגן

טעמים דומיננטיים:  פריחת תפוז, קרמל, לימון, ג'ינג'ר

250 גרם

Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region is globally famous for its very high quality coffees, and this particular coffee, organic and sustainably grown/processed at a very high altitude of 2,000 m, stands out amongst great coffee. Its producer is a group of repatriated Ethiopians with the wish to do something positive in their homeland. Buying the choicest coffee cherries from local farmers, they use their profits to support many local social and environmental projects, schools, and scholarship funds.

It makes for a blossoming espresso, vibrant pourover, and a sophisticated cold brew, but really, any way you brew it, it’s a unique and beautiful coffee.


קפה אתיופיה ~ פולי קפה שלמים

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